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1st Prize
USD 1,500.00

Fitness Training App

What is it About

A contest for South African App designers and developers. We will award the best app projects and possibly invest at an early stage in the development of the App 

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Who can participate

All South African citizens aged 18 and over are eligible to participate

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USD 1,500.00

First Prize Award


Africa, with the talent of its young people, is a powerful protagonist of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Technology has the power to influence and improve the lives of everyone and in a continent like Africa it will be increasingly decisive for development and for promoting social inclusion.

Innovations must come from local talent. Through cooperation with universities and other educational institutions in South Africa, Dante wants to play a decisive role, hosting talented young people the opportunity to develop their ideas and bring them to the market.

Our goal is therefore to foster a multidimensional idea of ​​creativity and the common thread is linked to the belief that the contamination of different types of creative talents has a positive impact on the generation of innovative ideas and, through this mechanism, on economic development in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

About the Best South African App Award

Through our jury of industry experts, designers, and developers, We will award the best App projects and possibly invest at an early stage in the development of the winning app, providing the capital for development of the full app.

The App project should be designed for Android, iPhone and wearable devices such as Android and Apple Watch, and should cover one the following sectors:


  • Education

  • Business & Finance

  • Health and Fitness

  • Social & Networking

  • Tourism

  • E-Commerce

  • Hospitality and Food Service Industries

  • Entertainment and Media Industries



13 NOVEMBER 2024

Applications closes
27 NOVEMBER 2024
Winner Announced
USD 1.500,00 Prize Allocation

Entering the 2024 Best South African App Award

The procedures for submitting the app project for consideration by our jury of experts is very simple. Here are some indications that will help you to respect the project submission procedures.


Create a presentation of your app project in PDF and send it through the form, adding pictures and or video and any other graphic material that may give professional appearance to it. If you wish, you can also send your project in PowerPoint to this address:



Begin your presentation by describing the problem your App aims to solve, including data and statistics and, if necessary, also testimonials from textual extracts.



Explain in detail how your app will solve the problem



Describe the potential customer base your app will target.



How will your app be successful? How will it guarantee entry and impose itself on the market?



Report in detail the expense items, that is:

  • How what will be the costs necessary for the development of the app?

  • Why you need the money?

  • What it will be used for?

Show your income and expenditure forecasts for the next three to five years.



Illustrates in a roadmap of the next steps, how the funding will help to achieve the objectives, how and by whom the app will be materially developed.

How are you and your team going to develop the app if you get the top prize?

How much will it cost?



Mention how you intend to reach customers, on which channels you will advertise. What the promotion and sales strategies will be. How you intend to manage and administer the app, once it is on the market

  • How will you reach your customers?

  • How will you measure success?



Tell us about your team, briefly explaining their CV and the skills of each member. By highlighting your team's strengths and weaknesses, which funding will help resolve.



Why will your app be able to establish itself on the market and beat its competitors (if there are any)?



What is your exit strategy? Would you like your App to be acquired, to go public or something else?

Once you submit your app, you will be listed with the other candidates on our site and social pages. The name of the app will also be indicated and, if you wish, some details of the app, in any case according to the instructions that we will receive from you. All app submissions MUST be in English.

NDA - Non Disclosure Agreement

All Confidential Information disclosed to take part in the competition shall be and remain the property of the disclosing Party and nothing contained in the information exchanged for entering the project in the competition, shall be construed as granting or conferring any rights to such Confidential Information on the other Party.


The Recipient shall honour any request from the disclosing Party to promptly return or destroy all copies of Confidential Information disclosed under this Agreement and all notes related to such Confidential Information

The Selection Process

Our jury of experts made up of designers and developers will carefully examine each app development project presented and will decide the winner in an unquestionable manner. The evaluation criteria will be as follows:

  • App functionality

  • Creativity of the app idea

  • Innovation


For any question or further doubt you can contact us at the following address:

Submit copy of your ID
Upload your App project in PDF

Thanks for submitting!

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